• private appointments for spiritual direction – generally 1 hour appointments on a monthly basis

I meet with each person either in my home, at my church wellness center office, or, for long distance persons, over the phone or using Skype.  I have found each of these locations to be quite suitable depending on the situation.

– an initial appointment is free, providing an opportunity to learn about the process, and to discern if we are mutually compatible to enter into the spiritual direction relationship for a longer term

  •  workshops or retreats addressing specific needs of educators, professionals, women, church and citizen groups.  I have many resources to support and improve collaboration and relational trust in the workplace. 
  • a 6-8 week session of weekly meetings ( morning, afternoon, or evening weekly), or a 2-3 day retreat based on theme of “Hidden Wholeness” – bringing “one’s inner teacher” to expression in one’s outer life  ( or bringing one’s true self to one’s work in the outer world)


  • a workshop offering  an opportunity for churches to explore new ways to work in community as a council, or in small groups


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