About Sue

Sue.EmpringhamI  have a nursing background, having worked in Public Health and with the Victorian Order of Nurses.  I have been a spiritual seeker and lay leader in the United church for over 35 years. During that time I have delighted in exploring and discovering my own spiritual growth while leading others in a safe, caring environment to question, reflect and look inward for connection to the “inner soul”, or whatever they call the Holy mystery in their lives.

I am a graduate of the Haden Institute for Spiritual Direction.  I have a private practice where I meet my companions for an hour private appointment monthly.   It is in these sessions that each person learns to appreciate and access more deeply their own unique spiritual soul. I meet the person wherever they are ( whether well established in a particular religious tradition, disillusioned and distanced from church life, or spiritually seeking on a non religiously defined path). I recognize that there is a broad diversity in how the Spirit  is revealed and expressed in individual lives. I am able to offer resources and tools for this inner work, encouraging each person to affirm and express their true self.  It is a safe place to question, share experiences, and discern the best way to move forward even in challenging times.

I am a Circle of Trust facilitator prepared by The Center for Courage and Renewal (www.couragerenewal.org ).  This allows me to lead small groups and offer retreats using the model of circles of trust.  Circles of Trust provide a safe community in which to explore meaning in a complex world.  Principles and practices help to frame the circle while the rhythm of agenda allows for silence and renewal.  Songs, poems, art, and stories – both personal and universal – are shared.  These provide the starting point for reflective practice both in solitude and community.  Participants often come away with more clarity around questions they are holding,  acquired skills in listening to others, and resources for collaboration and relational trust in the workplace.

I have certification in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Hospice work, and Suicide prevention.  I have held retreats and workshops which have addressed specific needs of educators, women, church and citizen groups. 

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I would invite you to take some time and listen to your inner self;  are there questions you would like to explore,  or inner truths you would like to express more fully in your life? Is it hard to silence the inner critic?  Are you able to love and affirm your own unique gifts?

Perhaps now is the time to make a commitment to some inner soul work. I would be honored to share in that journey with you.